We rely on experienced professionals authorized in geochemistry and hydrogeology within the meaning of the Act no. 62/1988 Coll., on geological work.

Environmental hydrogeochemistry

Tracer tests

Using inactive tracers for determining sorption properties and retarding capability of collectors.

Water resources quality monitoring usin UV-VIS spectroscopy:

  • in UV-VIS zone - turbidity, N-NO3, TOC, DOC, chlorine ClD consuption, COD, COD of filtered water,
  • in UV zone - N-NO2, N-NO3, TOC, NL, COD, BOD, benzene, phenol.

These analyses are suitable for:

  • water resources quality monitoring (e.g. drinking water, surface waters, groundwater),
  • inflows and outflows of selected industrial wastewater treatment plants (dairy, paper mills, breweries, etc.)