Field services

Field services

Hydrodynamic tests

Our hydrodynamic tests provides hydrodynamic parameters that enables determination of water resources yields as well as overal
hydrogeological characterisation of the area of interest.

Our technical equipment is suitable for hydrodynamic testing in wide range of yields.

Migration tests

Migration tests provide data characterizing resistance of a hydrogeological structure against contaminant leaching.

For these purposes the company developed tracer test technology utilizing health and environmental safe tracers.

The new technology allows continuous monitoring of tracer inflow into a borehole. The new tracing technology fully substitutes environmentaly unfriendly radioactive isotope tracers.

Pressure tests

We carry out soil pressure test according to ČSN 72 1006 Compaction control of soils and loose materials.

Strength characteristic

We use a specialy developed equipment to determinate strength characteristics of rocks or conctruction materials.

The equipmet enables to load rock or construction parts with linear or pulse pressure up to 300bar.

Pulse frequency of the loading can be set up to 15Hz.

The test can be applied also in laboratory conditions on specially prepared rock or concstruction material samples.

Communication tests

Communication tests uncover hydraulic connection between two hydrogeological objects, e.g. a connection between water source and a potencial source of contamination.

The technology is completely environmentaly safe and does not increase water salinity or radiation.

The technology is able to indicate the tracer inflow even in trace amounts.

Borehole inspection using TV camera

Borehole TV camera system provides unique opportunity to inspect boreholes with diameter of 7.6cm or wider. The camera can reach depths down to 700 m. Combination of frontal and side camera views enables a comprehensive and detailed view of objects of interest in a borehole. We offer:

  • verification of borehole technical conditions,
  • perforation condition control,
  • description of the actual borehole construction,
  • inspection of breach in a borehole construction,
  • reconnaissance for borehole blockage causes,
  • visual inspection of borehole cleaning effectiveness,
  • supplemental geological exploration in non cased parts of a borehole.

Infiltration tests

Infiltration tests are required for construction proceeding.

Our experts have extensive experience in realization and evaluation of the infiltration tests.

Engineering geology and hydrogeology

We offer complete geological and hydrogeological survey service.

We prepare complete geological and hydrogeological documentation for building permit.

Our reports are drafted by experts accredited to perform geological works by Ministry of the Environment.

Our expert team also includes EuroGeologist Title holders, a professional title awarded by the European Federation of Geologists.