About us

Our company provides technical and laboratory services for geological purposes.

Establishment of the company

WATRAD, spol. s r.o. (WATRAD, ltd.) was registered at the commercial register of the Regional Court in Hradec Kralove, Section C, File No. 24868 on 16th February 1993 as a consulting company with focus on disposal of radiactive waste.


Currently, main focus of the company is to provide technical and laboratory services for geological projects with specialization in hydrogeology, engineering geology, geochemistry and geothermal energy. Integral part of our activities is implementation, evaluation and visualization of mathematical models of the geological and thermodynamic interests.

Development Cooperation

Since 2014 the company participates in development cooperation projects of the Czech Republic and UNDP. The activities are directed mainly to Georgia, where, either alone or in cooperation with partners, it seeks to transfer experience mainly in the field of environmental protection and safety and geology.

Science and Research

Since 2010, our experts are engaged in research and developments projects announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Technical equipment

Our company is equipped by top commercial and on demand developed and invented technology for field and laboratory tests. Among the company inventions are e.g. UV-VIS spectrocope for communication and tracer tests using fluorescents or dyes, device for strength characterstics measurements in 3D pressure conditions or pulse hydrofracturing device for fracturing using clean water, suitable for use in water wells as well as for in-situ stress measurements.